Project Eversio: Case Study

As a long time partner with Project Eversio, we have worked on many projects and have racked up quite a collection of graphic designs.

Project Eversio is a known local non-profit esports organisation located in Malta,  with over 30+ achievements of first places and second in many esports games such as CS:GO, Rocket League and Call of Duty tournaments in the local scene and internationally.  

Eversio Twitter Headers

Over a period of time, the stream designs were changed up, but the style was always a minimalistic look. Their colour palette combined with the minimalistic designs was perfect. Brainstorming on the overlay didn't take long, as we immediately visualized how the overlay would look and with the help of their creators and feedback given, and this was the final product. Since many creators preferred seperate follower & subscriber alerts, we made 2 concepts.

First concept was the seperate ones, which had the alerts on different sides of the screen and a small panel repping the Eversio logo. They were fully editable so if creators wanted to remove them they could easily.


Stream Designs

Second overlay consisted of the facecam, with the subscriber and follower alerts attached and a bottom overlay to accompany the facecam. As for colour palette, we mostly used the blue and grey since grey is very visible on white and if its being overlayed on games its easier to see.

Stream Transition Screens

General Designs

This collection of work consists of announcements of creators, teams and wins

"Royal Workshop has been an amazing partner to have. They deliver incredible designs within the shortest timeframes, and their professionalism is unparalleled."

-Michele Magro, Founder of Project Eversio

Client Feedback