Who are we?

Royal Workshop is an innovative esports design studio dedicated to providing the best graphics to organisations, creators and gamers. We believe that having a creative mind behind the curtain of your organisation can immensely elevate your brand and will help you to stand out much more. Our experience in the esports scene combined with our creativity will ensure that we exceed your expectations as a client and that we help your brand be more unique.

Our team does not contain many staff members but we believe having small amount of designers and staff can make it easier to communicate and to work together as a team. Having a large amount of people can make it quite hard to assign work and since we are moderate level with workload it makes it better for you to receive your designs in little-to-no time and it makes it easier for us to merely focus on you. Faster and easier.

Frank S

Founder & Creative Director

Hi! I'm Frank. I have been designing in the esports scene for 4 years, and worked in multiple organisations which have helped me massively in growing. I have also worked freelance with several clients. As a graphic designer, I am always looking for new ways on how I can expand my expertise and learn on how to communicate better, and interact with clients as well as work closely with organisations to build their brand and help them develop.

Our team is definitely not the largest in numbers, not big at all actually but we believe that the more compact the team is, the more progress will be made and the better the outcome will be. This is because we are focused on merely you, the client, and nothing else. Our mission is not particularly to earn money, but to satisfy the needs of our clients which expect their orders to be at a high standard and exceed their expectation


Media & Marketing Manager

Hello, I’m Pyron, the Marketing and Social Media Manager of Royal workshop. I’ve had over 3 years of management and executive experience, mainly through marketing and operations.


Senior Designer

Xone is our senior designer, with his design specialities ranging from logo designs to social media revamps. His experiences in working with esports teams goes back 6 years and has been working with Royal Workshop from day 1 of its launch. 


Social Media & Logo Designer

Ronan is one of our designers, specializing in Social media designs & logos. His experience with esports teams started in 2015 as the Creative Director of the well-known Strictly Business and his recent experience was with ESL. 


Social Media & Stream Designer

Hello, I'm TehPeaks. I'm a 20 year old aspiring graphic designer who's self-taught based in Canada with over 6 years of experience on and off but 4 years consistently. I specialize in all categories of design other than UI and motion however, always pushing towards learning new things.