Social Media Revamp

15 / 03 / 2020 (OLD)

Grasp an insight behind the scenes of how our team visualised and created their graphics

On the 12th of March 2020, Royal Workshop was assigned some work by Slick Esports which included general artwork for their organisation's twitter, a revamp for the Counter-Strike team, stream team revamp and a scorecard design. In total, 9 items. The request was quite a long one but they definitely did not come to the wrong place

But Slick isn't just an ordinary esports organisation trying to find their way across the field. In a months time of their Counter-Strike roster teaming up together, they managed to take home third place of a popular LAN based in the Netherlands called Frag-o-matic. Their success in the organisation began to unveil itself slowly, but they had only one piece of the puzzle missing. Graphic designs.​Since their organisation began growing with streamers and players, it was the perfect time to implement some new styles to their graphics and updating the ones they had. It was then our job to bring the zing in Slick Esports with our experience and creative visualisation.

Project Development

Stream Designs


Intermission Screen

The first design we began working on was the overlay. After brainstorming for a bit on how we can begin working on it, we decided to merge the facecam to the new subscriber / follower popup by implementing it right under the facecam. Since the colour palette had contained a bright yellow, we decided to use dark grey and light grey on the overlay since it would make the yellow stand out way more. Our aim was to make this look modern and simplistic.

​After hours of contributing our full creativity and asking for feedback from the organisation, the outcome looked like this;

Our idea for the intermission screen was a grungy yellowish look, and we wanted to implement a lot of yellow representing the Slick logo style. We used a rocky background and some 'X' symbols which helped make it look like as we visualised it.

Offline & Starting Soon Screens

The offline and starting soon graphics were pretty simple to develop and create. They were also very fun to design. We wanted to use stroked-type texts and make it look as creative as we possible could make it look, using brushes and a noise texture to make the text pop off more. 

And since this was for their streamers, we didn't flood it with the Slick logo since it had already been placed in many of the other stream graphics.

Social Media Banners

Counter-strike Banner

We didn't want to leave any parts out as our initial idea was to fill it with any type of design, as long as it didn't look plain. We implemented a lot of the yellow colour, which was taken from the logo itself.

The second set of designs we began working on was the Counter-Strike social media banner for their team. Their players had a specific taste for how they wanted it to look and after they sent an idea of how they wanted it to look like, we began working on it immediately. Their idea was to place brushes on the edge of the headers, whereas then we came up with ideas on how to surround them with other designs.

General Twitter Banner

After finishing the Counter-Strike banner, the organisation suggested to make the general banner for the organisation's twitter the same look as the Counter-Strike one. It wasn't something we had initially planned since we ideally thought to make it a different design but we went ahead and made it based on their request. It turned out great on Twitter.

Final Thoughts

In the span of a day and a half, we (the studio) finished all the work and we were incredibly proud of the work we presented to the client. Not only did it take a very short amount of time to finish, but we rose to the standard that Slick Esports had expected from us. The communication between both parties in regards of the graphic designs were very smooth and we had a lot of fun creating these for the team.